you can't be the go-to for everyone on your team and lead as the ceo

tired of exhausting launches or not being able work on that passion project of yours?

YOU KNOW there's a better way. you just need to know what to do when.

Yes, let's work!

as seen in:

let's be real, you have good intentions when you commit to all the things.

"Sure, I guess I can write those emails."

"Make sure I see that script when you finish."

"I'll finish reviewing those pdfs after the kids go to bed.

You're already stretched thin, but someone has to do the work right?

You're the bottleneck. It's holding your team back and know what that means? It's costing you $$$$.

Before you know it, you've spent way too much time doing follow up (which you hate), you're drowning in Slack DMs, eating your lunch on zoom calls, and starting to feel like a broken record. 

being stuck in the day to day of your business is stifling your creativity.

As a visionary, you know what you want for your business and your life. You see it. But you can't possibly be the creative behind the vision and the one mapping out the plan to bring that vision to life. You need someone else to drive the ship. 

you feel like you work best under pressure and can leave things until the last minute, but you know that's not sustainable for your team.

You're a quick-start. I totally get it. You want to go from idea to done in minutes, but you don't always know how to get there. And guess what? Your team doesn't either. They're still trying to finish that last super-important-priority project.

the frustration and overwhelm is getting to be too much.

What you really would love is for someone else to be the go-to for your team. Someone to remain calm even during seasons when there's a thousand spinning plates. Someone to hold and lead everyone (including you). Someone else to be responsible for delegating tasks, mapping out launch, and actually keep projects moving forward. 

is this you?

Right now, it seems like it would just be easier to do it yourself instead of taking the time to explain what you need in order to delegate it. 

You're losing hours every week answering the same questions over and over, missing out the time blocks you set aside to record or create. 

You keep hiring more and more contractors because your team is always busy. (pro-tip: you don't actually need more team members, your team needs management and leadership)

You have passion projects you want to get off the ground, but too stuck in the day to day of your business to even think about it.

You've had some...not so great...hiring experiences in the past and it has you holding on to the reigns a little tighter than you probably should be. 

while some (or all) of this may be true, you also know that it doesn't have to be this way.

I'm a launch and operations manager for vision-driven course creators and coaches. 

In a nutshell, I'm a dog mom to Nacho (it's her world, I just live in it), live in beautiful NC, obsessed with project management, and a gemstone nerd. 

With over 10 years of experience in managing teams and projects, I've taken everything I've learned and created super easy to follow project processes--including the 4 Phase Launch: a rinse and repeat launch map that takes the upside-down-crazy-town out of your launches.

If you and your team absolute hate launching or you're completely over having to be the go-to for everyone, I'd love to help!

well, hello!

well, hello!

I'm Shaundra!

"Shaundra is an excellent problem solver. She's extraordinarily level-headed and can cut through all of the static to zero in on the best solution to whatever challenge the business may be facing. Her efficiency and straightforward nature were assets in our work together."

kate northrup,
Founder of origin

"We delivered and set up three group programs, which I could not have done without Shaundra. She has an ability to just oversee ideas and projects and actually bring them to fruition. I really appreciate having her as a balanced sounding board and consistent, reliable source of support."

Alex Cooley,

"Shaundra is the gift of calm and zen to my high strung - quickstart. She keeps projects moving forward and our team on point."

tracy matthews, 
flourish & thrive academy

We had just come off a really heavy Q4, which was amazing, but I really felt like I needed a break. I also wanted somebody else's eyes and perspective on my business. And I wanted somebody who had a really wide and diverse range of experience to do that because our clients have such a wide range of industries and levels and experiences in their business. So Shaundra was a great fit! And we're really, really glad that we worked with her. The [strategic planning] process was so easy and so much faster than I expected. 

Alyssa Twist Light, 
the profitable innovator

Shaundra’s work is incredibly efficient and high quality. Her background in graphic design and experience with website development coupled with her understanding in CRM and sales funnels make her an invaluable part of my team."

alanya kolberg, 
bottom up wealth

"Shaundra has worked with me for 10 years. Talk about dedication! She always buys my favorite food and treats too."

chief barking officer

kind words

a crystal clear plan your whole team can follow

yesss! give me clarity and a plan!

what to do when intensive


In just two 90 minute calls, we'll not only identify what's important and in actually in alignment with the vision you have for your business and your life, we'll also create the plan.

Step 1: Book your intensive and schedule your first of two 90 minute calls.

Step 2: We'll kick things off with your first 90 minute call to  identify what you should be focused on in 7 Key Areas of your business. Hello, clarity!

Step 3: You'll walk away from our second call with an easy to follow, actionable plan that you can take back to your team so you can stay on track (hooray for knowing what do do when!) This plan will be prioritized based on what's important for your business!

At the end of the quarter, we'll wrap things up with a 30 minute Zoom call to follow up on you and your teams progress and to celebrate the wins. 

Is your business full of half decorated cupcakes? Delicious, but unfinished.

If you have a bunch of unfinished projects and just not sure what you (and the team) should actually be working on to move your business forward, this is for you!

a fully developed launch plan your whole team can follow

That's what i need!



This two day intensive is for you if you already have an amazing team to support you during launch season, but the wheels seem to just fly of the bus when it comes to keeping things on track. 

Step 1: Book your intensive and schedule your first of two 90 minute calls.

Step 2: We'll kick things off with your first 90 minute call to  identify what you should be focused on in 4 Key Areas of your business during launch season. No more unknown!

Step 3: You'll walk away from our second call with a fully realized actionable plan you can take back to your team so you can stay on track (hooray for knowing what do do when!)

After you breeze through a mind blowing launch, we'll wrap things up with a 30 minute post-launch Zoom call to celebrate your success and chat about how having a map helped you and your team.

Already have a project manager or someone helping you run the show, and just need a map? This is perfect for you!

looking for more than just a map?

You and your team need all hands on deck?

launch takeover 

In addition to creating a complete launch map, I'll also manage all the moving parts, pieces, and people to ensure you get as few slack pings as possible.

This is perfect for you if you have a core team of 3 or more, plan your 5-6+ figure revenue launches with 8-12 weeks of lead time, and are ready to show up as a player on your launch team instead of the manager. 

this is beyond project management.

→ I take the time to get to know you, your team, and your business to make sure each launch is strategically tied to your mission. 
→ Because of the time I commit to your business for this service, I only open 1-2 spots per quarter. 

launch prep

This is the phase people tend to skip or glaze over, but it's so crucial! We'll start pre-seeding your audience to get them interested in what's to come.

I'll work with to make sure the team knows what their role will be, map out the project, and create a launch dashboard in Drive or Dropbox so everyone knows where to find alllll the graphics, copy, links--anything launch related!


All hands on deck!

Lead gen for the launch has begun and we've launched a new campaign, getting folks signed up for your challenge, copy is being written, graphics created, masterclass content is coming together, and tech is tested (and tested again), before carts open and this thing is live!

Go live

This is your time to show up for your audience, delivery amazing webinars or lead a needle-moving challenge, and welcome raving new members into your program or membership.

The team is rocking it and feeling good because all of the nitty gritty is already done! No last minute OMG-we-forgot moments!


While I pull together all the numbers and details for our launch debrief, you get to soak in the post-launch bliss and continue to  welcome people in your community.

You know that what you offer is making a difference to those you serve, your family, and your team. And that this launch puts you another step closer to realizing the vision you have for your business. 

Wondering what a launch with me looks like?

just imagine if:

✓ You weren't the bottleneck holding up progress and just had to show up.

✓ Your team had a clear view of what to do next and felt empowered to make decisions without you

✓ You were actually able to enjoy the results of your successful launch without feeling so exhausted you wonder if it's even worth it. 

Yes, this is actually possible.


sPOTS ARE LIMITED! Currently booking for late q3 and q4.

HOw long have you been managing projects and people?

I've been doing project and business management for online businesses for 5 years, in addition to 10 years of experience with managing the same offline. 

what's an intensive?

An intensive (also known as a VIP day) is a great way to accomplish ALOT in a little amount of time. Instead of bringing me on board for weeks or months, in just 24 hours, you have your full launch map ready to go for the team and get a follow up with me after the launch to chat about results.

The Launch Mapping Intensive is $3000.

If i book an intensive, will you make sure my team does the work?

Short answer: no. 

Long answer: Intensives are for you if you already have an OBM or project manager that is great at keeping the team on track, but launch season gets hectic because there's so many moving parts and pieces that no one really understands what should be done first. While I won't be around to follow up with your team members, with a map, they'll have the guidance they need to stay on track!

i have a launch in 2 weeks, can you help?

You're probably a high quick-start, and I love working with people like you that are ready to take action. 

My 2cents...

If you're launching a brand new offer in 2 weeks, consider giving yourself more time. 

If you're re-launching an offer in 2 weeks, start marketing yesterday, make sure payments can be processed, and test the tech. 

how old is your chihuahua nacho?

Nahco is 10 years young and doesn't act her age, but she can be a cranky old lady around new people lol. 

why are launch management spots so limited?

I limit the number of launches I manage to 1-2 per quarter because when it's launch season, it's super important for me to be fully focused on your business and being available to help guide your team. I want to be able to help get the results you want and I wouldn't be able to do that if I had several other things going on.

what's the investment for you to manage my launch?

The Launch Takeover  involves me coming on board for 8-12 weeks (or longer) and starts at $7500. 

She’s helped take the technical  headaches that I used to struggle with day in and day out off my plate so that I can spend more time with my students and create more educational content.

I’m an investor, and she’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my business!”

Alanya Kolberg

yes, i'm ready to make it happen! let's talk!

ready to step up as the visionary for your team?

Let's talk about how. If you're not sure if you need a Launch Mapping Intensive or one of the very few spots on my calendar for a Launch Takeover, drop me an email and we'll chat about it!